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February 12 : Okay, we are nearing the ultimate day of love and that is none other than Valentine Day 2019. Do you know what is the speciality of this day? It is called the HUG DAY 2019.

So, today we jump on from Promise Day 2019, to Hug Day 2019. If you have not yet celebrated the Valentine week in its true love spirit, go ahead and start of from today.

Give a huge warm, bear hug to your loved one. And, of course, this hug goes for anyone whom you care and respect for a lot in life. Give a little love, a hug and you will be surprised at how wonderful you could make their small world seem to be.

Special Editions: Happy Valentine's Day to All

In the past, Valentine's day was a small day affair with a bouquet of roses, a small gift and perhaps a dinner for the extravagant couples. But today, the popularity of this day, and moved on to a whole week and that is what we celebrate this time.

You may want to see the other days of the Valentine week also. It will help you prepare to keep up with the love and positive vibes of the love season.

So, before February 14th, just 2 days prior to this day- we have the Hug Day. It does not mean to hug in literal sense, but to hug and give your loved ones – the feel that you will be there to back them up all your life. It creates a sense of security and belongingness for them.

Did you know that a tight hug could mean a lot to a person in loneliness and pain? It could ward off depression and perhaps this continual care – could solve a lot of physical ailments. A Human being is a social being and this small gesture can bring a smile on a person’s face.

The goodness of a hug is done yet. Here, perhaps you should go forward and understand the benefits of a hug from the eyes of medical research.

A hug could boost up love hormone. And here you can read more on that: The Power of Oxytocin in Love and Relationships

Next, one is even more interesting. Did you know that hugs could prevent a lot of infections from affecting you? If you didn’t, it is wise that you know about that too. How Hugs can reduce Infections?

So, back to the Valentine Mode. This day is special for all ages and for all relationships. Today, give love, share hugs with your parents, grandparents, siblings, best friends, teachers, mentors, colleagues and whoever seems dear to you life.

As long as love is in the air, you can be sure to do wonders in the lives of many today.

Happy Hug Day 2019!!

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