Juan Guaido (C), head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, delivers a speech at the Francisco de Miranda avenue, in Caracas, Venezuela, on Jan. 23, 2019. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday announced he was severing "diplomati(Image Source: IANS News)

United Nations, Feb 12 (IANS) Several member states of the United Nations have called for plans to ensure the safety and security of peacekeeping personnel.

<img src='http://iansphoto.in/web/photoimages_new/400/2016/04/08/54433c7c113a482ee0fa0b0cf9041a32.jpg' hspace='10' align='left' width='171' height='100' data-title='LIMA, April 7, 2016 (Xinhua) -- Peruvian peacekeepers take part in thcrossing points with Colombia and Brazil.

Although he admitted that any mobilization of aid depends on whether the military allows it to pass, he expressed confidence that there would be no obstacles.

"I don't see a Venezuelan soldier halting with a rifle someone bringing food to his dad, his mom, his kids and his siblings," he said.

Maduro has thus far used the military to block the aid from entering Venezuela, denying that the country is suffering a humanitarian crisis and saying the delivery of the shipments would be a prelude to a US-led military intervention.

On Monday, Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said that his country has a "strengthened (military) presence" along the border with Colombia after a portion of the humanitarian aid had begun to be warehoused in Cucuta.

Guaido, meanwhile, said on Monday that the first shipment of the humanitarian aid had already been received.

"Today we're receiving the first shipment of humanitarian aid items from the Health Centres Association (ASSOVEC) with 85,000 supplements, which translates into 1.7 million food rations for children and 4,500 supplements for pregnant women," Guaido said on his Twitter account.

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