Valentine's Day greetings for the Girl
Valentine's Day greetings for the Girl . Image Source:

February 13 : Valentine's day is here and if you’re still wondering how many roses would be too less, you better make sure those roses reach your woman before the end of the day. She’s probably waiting for hours now to get her roses and her valentine’s day gift which you’ve hopefully gotten her one, haven’t you ??

And have you wished her yet, alright that’s it !! Allow us to help you out with the valentine’s day texts.

Take a look at some of these romantic Valentine’s day greetings you can send to your woman no matter where she is. A few words of love texts are enough to bring a smile to all the women out there today.


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Valentine's Day

Chasing me away and then

Looking for me the next day.

To the girl of my dreams,

Happy Valentine’s Day Love !!

To the Woman who drives me mad every day,

and then still comes back to make my day !!

Happy Valentine’s Day dear!!

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Valentine's Day greetings 2019

To the craziest and sweetest girl,

I have ever known in my life !!

Happy Valentine’s Day !!

The best day of my life was when I first saw you,

The best memories I’ll ever have were the ones with you

Happy Valentine’s Day Love !!

Valentine's Day greetings Image Source:

Valentine's Day greetings

I hope this love of ours lasts forever and ever,

And I pray that we’ll grow old together !!

Happy Valentine’s Day dear!!

Missing you and hoping to see you real soon.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day !!

Valentine's Day greetings 2019 Image Source:

Valentine's Day greetings 2019

On this day while you may not be by my side,

Not a second passes by when you’re not on my mind

Happy Valentine’s Day dear!!

The best days were the long walks,

While the best nights were our night long talks.

Happy Valentine’s Day dear!!

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