6 Romantic Hollywood movies you can watch on Valentine’s Day !!. Image Source: prokerala.com

February 13 : 6 Romantic Hollywood movies you can watch on Valentine’s Day !!

Looking for some good Hollywood romantic movies you can watch with your loved one, this Valentine’s day? Check out this list of some of the most popular Hollywood Romantic comedy-drama movies that will make you feel like the very first day you set your eyes on your soulmate. Get ready for going through a wave of laughs, nostalgia, and tears as you watch some of these beautifully touching movies that teach people what love really is all about.

50 First Dates (2004)

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50 First Dates

The romantic comedy focuses on a fictions memory loss disorder suffered by a woman who tends to lose memory of whatever happens the previous day and has to start all over again each day she wakes up. The movie focuses on a guy trying to win her heart each time he has to convince her to go on a date with her and has to take the trouble of reintroducing himself to the girl every single day.

La La Land (2016)

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La La Land

The movie tells the story of an aspiring actress and a dedicated jazz musician, both of whom are struggling to make ends meet in a city which is known throughout the movie for crushing hopes and breaking hearts. Set in modern-day Los Angeles, this movie tells the story about everyday life and explores the joy and the pain of the lovers pursuing their dreams.

The Fault in our Stars (2014)

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The fault in our stars

This sad romantic drama tells the story cancer-stricken young woman who is forced to attend a support group where she meets a young charming cancer-stricken man who keeps trying to win her heart despite knowing that they have only a short period of time to be with each other.

10 Things I hate about you (1999)

The movie follows two sisters - where the younger one is the popular girl at school and her ill-tempered older sister who despises any guy trying to steal her heart. The sisters’ strict father forbids the younger sister from having a boyfriend until the older sister finds one. Knowing all this is a young guy, madly in love with the younger sister and so tries to set the elder sister on a date with a similar male rival counterpart - a guy both handsome and known for his womanizing charm. While tensions rise between the two strong-willed individuals at first, they slowly begin falling in love with each other as the movie progresses.

Me before you (2016)

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Me Before You

The movie is all about a cheery positive spirited young woman who moves from one job to another to help her family make ends meet. She is then hired by a wealthy elderly couple to become a caregiver for their paralyzed son who met with an accident two years earlier. The movie revolves around how the quirky woman tries to change the man’s cynical outlook towards life by proving to him that life was worth living as they eventually start bonding deeply over the course of the story.

The Prince and Me (2004)

The romantic comedy tells the story about a young Pre-med college girl determined to ace her semester exams while being pursued by a spoiled Prince trying to hide his identity from her by posing as a foreign exchange college student. However, things take a turn when the young woman finds out who he really is and struggles to choose between two dreams, become a princess of the royal family or following her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

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