7 Foodie Ways to say ‘I Love You’ this Valentine’s Day. Image Source: Prokerala

February 13 : If food is the way to the heart, then be as loving as you can to your partner this time. We have got a tasty collection of easy foods that you can prepare and gift all those whom you love.

If Valentine’s Day is all about love, then enjoy your time making, quick to make dishes for your family, friends and for that special one too.

This time, serve these quick to make homemade dishes and please the crowds. From sweet appetizers, to savoury bites and the famous Valentine chocolate cake- we have all these stocked up for you in our pantry!

#Valentine Recipe 1: No Bake Oreo Truffles

Love those chocolate truffles? Then, why not put on your cooking cap and make these. These do not need any baking and therefore can be tried by young adults and first time cooks. Your Valentine will love this!

# Valentine Recipe 2: Home-made Sprinkles Chocolate Coated Donuts

Donuts are something that brings back old childhood memories. These can be made within a short span of time and are good to serve your friends, family, neighbours and anyone dear to you.

# Valentine Recipe 3: Yummy Dora Cakes

Dora Cakes may be kiddish, but does it harm to have a bit of childish love in your heart? Try these, famous Dora cakes right at home. They are very easy to make and in fact – you can make it within a short span of time.

# Valentine Recipe 4: Cute Crispy Potato Vermicelli Cutlet

Okay, if your loved one does not favour the sweet tooth a lot- why not make these cute birds nest? They are just as tasty as they look. Nothing too difficult at all. In fact, if you have a family party- do call in for more fingers to help you out! Valentine’s Day will be more fun that you can ever think of.

# Valentine Recipe 5: PBJ Tasty Rolls

Again, fav for all ages. There are so many guys and gals who could munch into a PBJ sandwich at any time of the day. Well, for a change, we tried PBJ rolls and just look at these mouthwatering rolls- they are to die for!

# Valentine Recipe 6: Cookies and Cream Milkshake

If love is on the cards, then this is one good serve for every Valentine couple. Keep your cookies, cream and icecream ready and this will be ready to serve in a matter of minutes.

# Valentine Recipe 7: Spongy Chocolate Cake for Beginners

Nothing is complete without a chocolate cake for Valentines! So, this was saved for the last! Nothing too complicated. Try this easy to prepare chocolate cake and keep your loved ones in awe of your culinary abilities.

If you are waiting for Cupid to strike the person of your dreams, then these recipes will make your wait much easier! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!!

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