List of a few romantic songs that you can listen to, anytime you need somebody to describe how you’re feeling when you’re in love
List of a few romantic songs that you can listen to, anytime you need somebody to describe how you’re feeling when you’re in love. Image Source: Xinhua/Chen Wenwu/IANS

February 14 : On this day, no matter how happy or gloomy you feel, there is always a song out there written just to describe the emotions you’re experiencing at the moment. And if you’re in love there is no telling of how relatable a song can be at that moment. Love songs or romantic songs have this ability to tap into one’s soul, make them happy, make them emotional or maybe just heal a person.

Check out this list of a few romantic songs that you can listen to, anytime you need somebody to describe how you’re feeling when you’re in love.

Daniel Beddingfield - If you’re not the one !!

This song by Daniel Beddingfield easily describes the feelings and fears a person experiences when they’re in love with someone and can’t imagine living a life without them. So, the next time you and your loved one get into a fight and plan on not talking to each other, play this song and you’ll realize how much your world would be different if your loved one wasn’t there by your side in life. Next thing you know you both are sobbing and laughing for three hours straight on the phone.

Major Lazer ft Wild Belle - Be Together !!

This could be the kind of song that describes 2 people who are madly in love with each other and are ready to go to any length to be with each other. Well, this song by Major Lazer and Wild Belle could be the perfect reminder for you and your partner that no matter how bad things may be or how hard life may get, all it takes is a promise that you both will still be together and nothing in this life would ever break you guys apart.

Enrique Iglesias – Somebody’s Me !!

You may be dying inside to confess your love to a special woman, but your fear and the lack of words is what's holding you back. In that case, this song by Enrique Iglesias can help you come up with the right mood and the words to show this woman that she needs somebody in life and that she is never going to find anybody better than you. Just because that special somebody was always you. Go ahead and just let her know.

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud

If you and your woman are into dancing, well then this is the perfect song for you guys. A beautiful song by Ed Sheeran that can get both you and your partner into a dancing mood. Slow easy steps, a few twists and turns, and a romantic gaze into each other’s eyes is all you need to make it one of the most memorable moments of both your lives.

Coldplay – Yellow !!

Don’t you Love going on long walks in the park or on the beach by the sea with the love of your life? Nobody but just the two of you, holding hands and just silently walking knowing that this is the person you want to walk within this long journey called life. Well, this song is sung by Chris Martin from the band Coldplay would be the perfect song you both can listen to , the next time you both go on your long romantic walks.

Owl City - Vanilla Twilight !!

How long had it been since you last saw your lady love? It can be hard especially when you both are far from each other and are counting each day desperately till you get to see each other again. This song by Adam Young from Owl City describes exactly how much you miss that person. But the best part is how a certain tune towards the end of the song gives this ray of hope where for some reason you just know that the day isn’t far away and that you both are about to see each very soon. Cheer Up !!

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years !!

Do you ever feel sometimes of how lucky you are to have this beautiful person in your life whom you set your eyes upon on the first day but never knew that someday they would by your side? Well, this song by Christina Perri gives you exactly all sorts of nostalgic vibes of that beautiful day you saw the love of your life and how things changed from there on in both of your lives. This has to be one of the most beautiful love songs there is out there.

One Direction - You and I !!

You’re going for a long drive today but can’t help stop thinking about your loved one. Sometimes you wish that person could be there beside you, but job and other matters are the reasons to keep you both apart. Sometimes that is how life is, just know this, your loved one misses you more than you can imagine. Regardless of how far you both are, just make sure you both keep in touch every day and no road will ever be long enough to separate you both. In the meantime, both of you should just listen to this soothing love song by the boy band One Direction.

George Benson - Nothing's gonna change my love for you !!

Remember the love songs from the 80s, Ah nothing can beat them, And if you and your woman still love the songs of a lost era, check out this song that'll take you back to a time when you were kids, when there were no smartphones or internet just a good old television and a radio that played some of the best love songs for all the young couples back then. Check out this beautiful song from George Benson.

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