New Delhi, March 4 : Visual comments of six female artists on themes like parenting, daily commute in Delhi, soulfulness, stages of a woman's life, and soothing abstraction, are currently on view in a group exhibition here.

The painting exhibition titled 'Shatkon' showcases six diverse perspectives of art and life by the recent art graduates from South Delhi Polytechnic for Women.

One of the artists, Anuja Choksi Khanna's painting focuses on parenting and the preconceived notions that goes with it -- from society's eyes that are always judging mothers to the normalcy of a father as a caregiver.

"Anyone who has a child, would agree that parenting is the most life altering phase. Within parents, the mother's experience is far more intense, as she carries human life in her womb.

"The emotional experience starts right away. The judging or analysing oneself as a mother continues ad infinitum," she told IANS while elaborating on her artistic inspiration.

Her painting titled "The Overlooked" shows a peacock feeding its offspring -- a metaphor for father understanding his equally-shared role in parenting unlike just a helping role.

Ekta Sharma had painted a diary of her travel in the national capital -- in metros with co-passengers who do not even make eye contact.

Her view about how Gandhi has been reduced to a mere symbol on currency notes and her personal emotional lens through which she sees the monuments, roads and everything Delhi signifies have taken a shape through her paintings.

Artists Vandana Das Kerara, Akanksha Jaiswal, Pratibha Aggarwal and Shweta Singh also enrich the group exhibition with their individualistic styles and thoughts.

The show is a must-visit in the run-up to the International Women's Day on March 8. It is open for public viewing till March 7 at the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society (AIFACS) gallery here.

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