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March 6 : Nasa has kept the world on its toes by announcing that they have organized and will execute an All woman Space Walk on the 29th of March 2019.

The walk is the first of its kind ever since a Soviet woman Svetlana Savitskaya walked on July 25, 1984 in space. Apart from her, Sally Ride was the first American woman who flew in 1983 with the Challenger space shuttle.

On March 29, the world will witness two Nasa Astronauts namely Christina Koch and Anne McClain undertake a spectacular spacewalk. This will be part of Expedition 59 Crew planned out by the International Space Station (ISS).

To add on to the excitement, the news was further announced via Twitter by Kristen Facciol. She mentioned in her post that she would be part of the console and provide the necessary support for the First All Female Spacewalk Team. She happens to be the Canadian Space Agency Controller and will be stationed at the Nasa’s Johnson Space Centre in Houston.

Apart from her, Mary Lawrence will also serve as a vital part of the flight control group.

Nasa has also mentioned that the scheduled operations would take place in reality once the ISS attains a complement of 6 astronauts. This will be a true reality and a big achievement in the history of NASA to have a complete unmanned team to undertake their project.

Though until date, the planned walk has not been designed in such a manner, they hope to make it a dream come true. Such spacewalks have been rare and mainly intended to undertake mechanical repairs for the ISS.

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