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March 14 : India, being a land of culture, colours, religions – people are never short of excitement. When it comes to dance, it has always been understood that women are per se the ones who have been blessed with the art form of any dance.

But, there are exceptions in this world and that is where the famous Eeshan Hilal comes into the picture. Yes, he is a normal guy, but one who is passionate about dancing. And, not any dance, but ‘Belly Dancing’ in specific!

Eeshan Hilal is a 25 year old man who loves to belly dance and he hails from Delhi. He is different from the rest of the crowd that we see normally, because he decided to bust out stereotypes in India. He loved belly dancing from a very young age, and he decided to pursue it by all means.

Belonging to an orthodox Muslim family, this journey was no cakewalk for him. His interest in dancing was something that was disapproved in the religious sense. He feels that gender should not stand as the basis for someone to choose and love life the way they want.

Of course, the road ahead was not smooth for him, but he trusted his instincts and went forward for it.

He mastered the art of belly dancing, he combated his fears, inhibitions and assaults thrown by family, kin and society and now he is the favourite among dance lovers. He accepted and loved his body with this dance form. That build confidence and self respect within him.

Take a look at his delicate moves through his videos on You Tube

India' First Male Belly Dancer

His Past is surely something he would like to bury, as no one appreciated his inborn talents. They thought that something was wrong with him. He underwent a lot of mental pressure and even physical abuse to get to this stage.

They used all sort of demoralizing names that meant terms like prostitute, ennuch, transgender and that was very disheartening was him. Still to this day, they have not completely accepted him and his passion in life.

But the happy fact is that, now he has surpassed all these phases and is known to be one of the best Indian belly dancers in the world. Today, he stays away from home – to escape the negativity that his people pass on to him.

His Dressing Style in Question

He is a man, but one who loves wearing skirts, pinned up shirts, and loves to shake his belly. Though his family never supported, the social media like Instagram, Facebook has been able to help win hearts of many around the world.

He wishes that more people would accept that belly dancing can be a noble profession and it can be practised by both men and women.

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