Holashtak and Holi(Image Source: Xinhua/IANS/Rouelle Umali)

March 14 : In March 2019, India will enjoy one of the most favoured Hindu festivals called Holi.

The festival is preceded by another festival name called Holashtak and as per religion and mythology- there are some facts that you need to know and pay caution to.

This year, as Holi begins on March 20th and end on March 21, 2019- we can witness Holashtak eight days before Holi. So, it essentially begins from March 14, 2019.

The days are decided upon as per the Purnimanta Calendar. The Holashtak prolongs for 8 days and ends on the last day that is called Falgun Purnima.

The Holi is celebrated with a lot of pomp and a generous splash of colours.

Why is Holashak inauspicious?

It is believed that anything auspicious should be kept aside during this time.

If you are planning a marriage, then arrange it at some other time.

You want to start building a house, then please start the foundation laying procedure after the Holi festival.

Similarly, once a child is born, then the naming function should be conducted only after this inauspicious. That means after March 21, 2019.

All forms of education and business prospects need to watched closely and commenced after this time.

Know More: Know the Timings, Rituals and Importance of Holashtak.

Why is this happening?

Experts believe that during this time, certain negative energies affect the changes that take pace on the planets. This is what will cause a lot of problems in people’s life.

Any solutions?

When people serve the poor and needy, then the ill effects is said to reduce in a small way. This is the time to stop evil thoughts and to do penance for the year to come.

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