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March 14 : Every year the world celebrates the World Kidney Day on March 14th, and we join the world to make people more aware about the organ named kidney, how healthy it can be and how we protect it also.

The special day began under the initiative of the International Society of Nephrology and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations. You can know more about them here:

This is an awareness campaign conducted to make people understand the value of their kidneys. In today’s world, there are so many people suffering from kidney diseases. Even though treatments are taken, they are not able to live a normal peaceful life again.

But recently, certain medical breakthroughs have come up and they look promising enough to provide a lifelong solution to people. Take a look at the latest medical researches

In 2019, the theme of the day is “Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere”. The first world kidney day was in 2006, and it upheld the theme “Are your kidneys OK?”

According to research stress, diabetes and blood pressure and unhealthy lifestyles are the main causes of the kidney diseases around the world. The campaign educates people that if need be- for optimal results, people should choose kidney transplant. This would be possible only if more people help to act as donors and save their lives.

Few Things to keep in mind to protect your kidneys are:

Drink a lot of water

Consume less salt

Get fit and engage in more physical exercises

Sleep well

Eat organic food as much as you can.

The kidney is the filter of the body, but when it is weak, do not tax it a lot or else it may collapse . So protect it, when it is capable of resisting the virus that attacks it.

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