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March 15 : On March 15, 2019, as the world celebrates and makes people aware of the value of sleep, the Congress party decided to give a laughable twist to the special day.

Today is World Sleep Day and it is a known fact that every human being needs an optimal amount of sleep to think and live in a healthy manner.

But INC India tweeted on a hilarious note: “If you’re awake, this ones for you, sadly Modi won’t be reading this. #WorldSleepDay “

Below this tweet, they gave way to this picture. For those who understand Hindi, you cannot miss to fall into giggles.

And for those who don’t understand, the hindi note below the truck means something like this: Kindly take care not to horn please, as the Modi Government is sleeping.

Well, not sure how they took the picture or did some editing to it, but the public seems to be come out with mixed emotions.

Sure, was a silly trick pulled off by Congress, but it never hurts to pass a laugh. With the Lok Sabha Elections 2019, heating up the India air- you can expect more of such tricks coming from all corners and from different parties.

People have laid their hopes on their leaders to make a positive change in the lives of the common man. Hopefully, the Indian public uses their wisdom to choose people who do as they promise. The Modi government has been the target for a lot of criticism, as they has failed to keep to their words while executing their power. Many of the Modi decisions have affected the common man, and only the election results will reveal the truth.

Take a look at the INCIndia Twitter page:

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