Latest Technology Updates: Irresistible Smartphone Launches in April in India

March 16 : If a world without technology, gadgets, tablets and smartphones is unthinkable to the youngsters of Young India, then cross your fingers as we take you through a freaking technological ride. India is a fast growing country in terms of finance, technology, education and so advancements in each field is a must. That makes the country a lucrative spot for many astounding feature rich introductions.

Here, we have a basket of splendid technologically superior gadgets that promise to be launched and hit the Indian markets by the month of April.

The first one in our much awaited and promised gadget kitty bag is Galaxy Fold 4G. They promise users to open 3 apps in one go and on a single screen. By April 26, it will enter the Indian market, and that is when we can evaluate the promises vs the realities.

Next, 5G has been the buzz word for smartphones for quite some time now. India can look forward to 5G enabled smartphones to enter the Indian market by April. Tech giants like Samsung and LG have introduced their 5G versions on the global grounds and soon will head to India in April.

Huawei plans to launch the Huawei P30 with a 10X optical zoom and it sports a fancy quad camera at the rear.

Last one is not a smartphone, but one that every family would love to have. It is the ‘Samsung Super 6TV ‘. The product is super infused with features like screen mirroring, high quality gaming effects and the list seems endless. The product will reach online stores in a short while.

Galaxy Fold 4G to arrive in India soon: Samsung CEO DJ Koh

Image Source: IANS News

Galaxy Fold 4G to arrive in India soon

After launching the Galaxy S10 series here, Samsung will soon bring its industry-first Galaxy Fold 4G to the Indian consumers, DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics said here on Wednesday.Read more

5G smartphones likely to hit market in April

Image Source: IANS News

5G smartphones likely to hit market in April : LG V50 ThinQ and Samsung Galaxy S10 (Representative image)

Premium smartphones that run on a 5G network are expected to hit the market in April, a few weeks later than their original release schedule, due to problems with parts supply and test runs, industry sources have said.Read more

Huawei P30 Pro in India soon after global launch

Image Source: IANS News

Huawei will launch its upcoming P30 Pro smartphone in India shortly (Representative image)

Smartphone maker Huawei will launch its upcoming P30 Pro smartphone in India shortly after its global unveiling at an event in Paris.Read more

Samsung's online 'Super 6' TV line-up in India

Image Source: IANS News

Samsung's online 'Super 6' TV line-up in India(Representation image)

Samsung on Tuesday announced its "Super 6" Ultra-high-definition (UHD) TV line-up with smart features including live cast, tune station, screen mirroring, gaming, real 4K resolution and over 60,000 titles.Read more

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