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March 20 : If you’re thinking about what snacks you should prepare on this occasion to feed your family and friends, well you’ve come to the right place. You don’t need to be the best chef out there to try some of these simple snacks which can easily be prepared right at your own home. All you need are a few ingredients and a small kitchen area to cook these delicious dishes. And within no time you will be serving your own homemade dishes with a sure compliment right around the corner from your loved ones.

Take a look at some of these dishes below. This Holi why not let your friends know about your awesome cooking skills. Wishing you all a very Happy Holi 2019.


You may like the same old tradition of serving your friends right out of the sweets box. How about this time you serve them from a plate with a dish made right from the coziness of your own kitchen. For all your sweet loving friends, why not introduce them to Malpuas. A simple fried dessert you can easily make at home. Add in a little syrup to give the Malpuas a little sweety touch.

Carrot Halwa

Who doesn’t love Carrot Halwa? A childhood-favorite dish of most of us out there. Why not bring back old memories to cherish once more with your childhood friends by serving them this dish. It isn’t all that hard to make. You can try making this right at home. Let the night be filled with age-old childhood stories and laughs as you and your friends enjoy this sweet delicacy.

Bread Pakoda

You may be tired of eating peanut butter jelly sandwiches often. Well, why not try bread pakodas, yup those tasty little snacks you get at street shops. You can make them right at home. All you need to do is make sure you have got some old bread and a few curry powders at your place. A simple dish, why not surprise your friends with these bready snacks today.

Tikona Nimki

Thinking about serving something crunchy with a bit of spicy flavor to your friends. Instead of buying all the spicy flavored chips, why not try making something much more delicious right at home. Try Tikona Nimkis or Spicy layered crackers. A simple dish that is thick enough to savor all that yummy flavor each time you take a bite out of it. These triangle shaped crackers are both spicy and crunchy and can be served as evening snacks to guests and friends.

Mint Lassi

It's getting hotter by the day, now if only there was a drink that could quench you and your gang’s thirst. Well, there just might be and we aren’t talking about sipping a can of soda. How about a glass of cold Mint Lassi. This might already be giving you the cooling effect now. A much healthier and sweeter drink, you can prepare this drink within less than 2 minutes. Just make sure you serve them to your friends, in tall glasses nice and chilled.

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