PewDiePie You Tube channel fans has launched some ransomware. Image Source: Yonhap/IANS

March 22 : The T- Series vs PewDiePie Fight get Hotter, as PewDiePie fans get into a cheap fight with T-Series.

PewDiePie has been on a tight shoulder to shoulder race with the top Indian entertainment music channel T-Series on You Tube for a very long time now. PewDiePie is a YouTube channel run by a gamer named Felix Kjellberg. Both have been noted to be running strategically for months to secure the position of the Top Most Subscribed channel on You Tube.

The world is filled with fans of either of the groups and once you check out their live subscriber count- you too would get addicted to this online competition. It was fun and entertaining in the beginning, but now PewDiePie started to kick off some nasty games. You can watch the Live T-Series vs PewDiePie subscriber count on You Tube:

The PewDiePie fans have gone overboard and done did their bit to support their favourite You Tube channel. The fans have leashed out two types of ransomware

Knowing more the PewDiePie Ransomware

The First PewDiePie Ransomware

Well, some fan seemed to have tried a modification experiment on ShellLocker ransomware and that resulted in this ransomware. It was used to hack into all types of private computers, printers and anything that had a connection with the internet.

With this, they could encrypt the files in whichever manner possible – leaving the users with no way to recover the tampered data.

The next threat was that the ransomware could even destroy the user data with no sort of repair.

The Second PewDiePie Ransomware

This one was called PewCrypt, a sly coding done in Java and which claims to encrypt user data in an organized manner, with a provision to recover it later.

Well, the fans wanted PewDiePie to reach the jackpot of 100 M subscribers and until then- every user who gets hacked will not be free from this joke threat, So, people are indirectly forced to subscribe the count of the channel. And they may have to wait for an indefinite period until PewDiePie reaches that count.

What’s the catch here? The user will not have any access to the decryption key. Furthermore, if T-series wins the race and achieves the count before PewDiePie, then the PewCrypt would erase the person’s encryption key all at once and that would leave them with no data to recover from.

Though this started off a joke, now the world is complaining, as many people are affected by this miserable trick.

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