Heat strokes cure by drenching in cold water

March 25 : With heat strokes entering the Indian atmosphere, people are truly alarmed and yet are clueless on how to evade it. Of course, the normal precautions like stay inside homes, drink water, do not travel between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. are true and need to be followed.

But what happens when you or any person that you know is suffering from a heat stroke at present? Sadly, people never realise that they are suffering from a heat stroke and before even calling for help- the person passes away. So, this cannot be left away it.

The Indian summer season has just begun and we still have 2 months to work our way through this sweaty, humid, and unbearable hot time of the year.

For this, we have brought forward a research that was conducted at the Loyola University Health System. If you could use this, you could probably save your life and so many more.

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Cool down from heat strokes

Heat Stroke can be life threatening

Often, heat strokes are never identified by anyone. So, that is why we fail to save the person in time. People experience exhaustion, nausea, faint, and have no strength. They collapse down without having the time to call for medical assistance.

But if given a chance, or if a person suffers from a heat stroke, how can you help him/her?

The first aid to heat strokes is to cool first and then transport the person to the hospital.

The research proves that the sick person should be given cold water and even drenched in cold water right at the site before making them travel.

Once the person has been cooled off, then call for help and take to the hospital.

What is cooling off in a heat stroke case?

The main cause of death is exertional heat stroke. The body temperatures will rise, the person will stop sweating, but their inner body temperature and skin will be piping hot. Once that happens, the central nervous system will get disoriented. The person will be left in a confused, irritable state and finally lose consciousness.

For this, the body needs to be rapidly cooled within 30 minutes of collapsing. You can either immerse the person in cold water or pour a lot of water over them.

If a tub, or cold water is not available, then opt for cold packs, wet cold towels, fans, ice packs, dousing the body with cold water and so on.

The point to bring down the internal heat of the body. Once the body temperature comes down to 101.5 F. Then the first aid process can stop. After that, transport to the nearest hospital is the next solution.

Research proves that if you wait to transport the person and then cool, the body may not be able to tolerate the damage the heat is causing inside the body. That is what causes death, as heat damages and kills a lot of cells in the process.

If you have to walk for long distances, or sit in open humid places, then keep cold packs with you and cool off with drinks as must as possible.

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