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March 2 : Movies, hungama, celebrity status, papparazzi and Bollywood are all a part of the same boat- The Indian film world actors and actresses. It is a fact that the Indian actors need to stay in shape, be part of all the social functions, and smile at the shutter bugs whatever be the case.

But Ajay Devgn is a tad bit different from the rest of the folks in Bollywood. On April 2, 1969, this star was born and from then on- he has been the epitome of aspirations, love, harmony, for his family, parents, children, wife and his friends.

We wish happiness, health and success to Ajay Devgn on your 50th birthday!

On the Happy Birthday of Ajay Devgn, we would love to highlight a few of his personal life shots that have not been heard about. If you are a Ajay Devgn fan, this one goes on to you!

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The Rough Guy

Don’t get deceived by looks, as Ajay generally shouts out a ruffian, Indian brave heart look. But, the truth is that he is not so called ruffian looking person. A sweet soul remains motivated the most while working at his film sets.

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None better than my father

He has always openly admired his father. The old man is none other than Veeru Devgan, who is one of the most talented action directors in the filmy world. In fact, Ajay had confessed a long while back- that his father is the personality he admires the most.

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Who is his mental consultant?

Well, for those who guessed as his better half- that would turn out to be a complete wrong one. He does love and trust his wife, but in matters of wisdom, decisions, and life- his best bet is his mother. In fact, she is the one who helps him, his family and children take a lot of decisions in life.

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The Adorable Hubby

Now, this goes without saying- he is married to Kajol-who is also a great actress of the 90’s and even today. But what stands to surprise his fans is that- how does he manage his family love life? This Kajol- Ajay jodi are stark opposites. Kajol is the chirpy bee who loves people, talks, outdoor stuff and kiddo time. Whereas, our macho man- loves some peace time inside the four corners of his house. Although 20 years of wedlock life is over, these lovebirds are still so much in love and never miss a chance to pull each other’s legs.

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Daddy’s Girl

Wherever be the shoot, this proud daddy makes sure to catch up with his girl several times a day. Nysa is his first child and the twinkle of his eye. Check out his social media pages and all the pictures with baby girl will show the love, care and protection he has for her!

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Loves being Yug’s Buddy

Apart from his daughter, he loves pampering his boy – Yug. The young champ adores his dad, and loves to spend every quirky minute with him. So, you can catch this dad- son duo on their kiddish tactics all over the internet. From gym time, to playing with him- Ajay is game for that!

Image Source: Amlan Paliwal/IANS

Fitness Buff

He takes his fitness and health pretty seriously. Except for his one stubborn vice called smoking, he follows a defined non- veg diet regularly. He is said to be generous man when it comes to serving food on the sets.

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Travel freak but never solo

He loves to wander off into new beautiful places, but never alone. The family enjoys splendid vacay trips in some of the most beautiful destinations with friends.

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A man of few words

Maybe we need to say almost close to none. He never sits to listen and respond to nonsense whether it is on the film sets or even the trolls that have been thrown on him and his family. But if a person comes with a genuine need- he would be the first one to offer a helping hand.

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The crew fav man

If big stars have a team with them, due to money and fame factor, this 50 year old guy, keeps his team buzzing and happy with care, love and affection. It is said that he pays them well, takes care of their medical needs and even their families (especially children).

Oh, if you noticed his tattto, in between. this shows that he is a religious Bollywood star too!

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