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April 8 : On April 8, it is Allu Arjun’s birthday.The smart and sexy actor turned 36 today and we wish that age set aside, he remains to rock the stage in all the positive vibe that he instils on screen.

Allu Arjun aka Bunny: Bunny is his pet name and we are not sure whether there is another guy in the Telugu industry who knows how to swag to the beats like this cool fella! A complete family man for his lovely wife and two kids.

Fitness is prime: Oh yes, when it comes to fitness, he keeps away from the glam world and follows a clear cut fitness regime. From abs maintenance, crunches to keeping those chest and abdomen muscles in shape- this is one clear lifestyle that he follows quite religiously.

The warm up mantra: He loves to engage in cycling or even some light jogging, to warm up before stepping into a strenuous regime of exercises. His plan includes a complete workout that is tiresome but worth the deal!

Image Source: Cine Photos

What about his diet: If you think he is a foodie, that is not quite right. He eats a very strict diet that comprises of fat free non vegetarian items like chicken, white of the eggs, and low carbs like brown breads along with plenty of salads and fruit and protein shakes.

Image Source: Cine Photos

Dance moves: Well, hard work tags along with success. His killer dance moves are one of the best in the industry after Prabhu Deva. Apart from his acting skills, he gained a lot of attention and fame from his jelly like dance steps which are done so seamlessly.

This proves that he does give in a lot of dedication to his body and mind which is what lends him that superb stylish look. Well, that’s not all, as we can expect to see a series of action packed films in 2019 from this stylish star!

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