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April 9 : Be it a first time mom, or young mother, or perhaps a granny, sleep and pregnancy time is quite difficult time to deal with. Your turns during sleep can have a huge impact on the to be born baby,

A recent research done at the University of Huddersfield pointed out that a pregnant woman who lies on her back will increase the risk of a stillbirth.

What is the best sleeping position for a pregnant woman?

The research officials further went to say that women should always sleep on their side to prevent any risk of a stillbirth.

What is the connection between stillbirths and wrong sleeping positions?

According to them, they say that when a woman sleeps on her back during the pregnancy time, the weight of the uterus may slow down the flow of blood towards the baby. The study showed that still births have occurred more often for women who have slept on their backs rather than those who slept on their side. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is always advised to sleep to the side – even it means just a day time nap. Perhaps, you need to check your Pregnancy Due Date and also see your needed pregnancy weight gain .

They also hinted that if a woman woke up from her sleep on her back, then that would not cause much of a problem, when compared to going to sleep on her back.

The studies related to stillbirths, premature births and so on are still going on. But meanwhile, this is something that expecting mothers can keep in mind while enjoying night time slumber or even an afternoon nap. In short, this goes to say, that parenting starts right from the time a foetus is born in the womb. Sleep to your side and save your baby.

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