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April 18 : As the Lent period draws to a close, the world move in prayers and hopes for sacred days like Good Friday and then finally closing in with Easter. Often, we all fast religiously through the Lent period, take part in the Good Friday Mass and finally celebrate with pomp and good food on Easter.

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Easter holds a fundamental dimension of Christianity and it is all about the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. The dates may change each year, but essentially the History and Significance of Easter is something you must know about.

This year, the Pope took his time to make Christians over the world understand the essence of the Holy Week and how we need to live better. This Good Friday 2019 will be the seventh season with Pope Francis in power to guide his people.

“Christ died because He loves each one of us: young and old, saints and sinners, people of His time and people of our time. #HolyWeek “

“Christ, out of love, sacrificed himself completely in order to save you. His outstretched arms on the cross are the most telling sign that he is a friend who is willing to stop at nothing. #HolyWeek”

“By his self-abasement, Jesus wanted to open up to us the path of faith and to precede us on that path. #PalmSunday #HolyWeek “

“Fasting also means changing our attitude towards other people and towards all creatures: from the temptation to “devour” everything to satisfy our greed, to the ability to suffer for love. #Lent “

His words are heavenly indeed, and we just need to listen to his golden words for Easter also. But sadly, the world fails to do so.

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Traditions That Exist During Easter Time

It seems all good, along with the existence of traditions of Easter eggs and Easter bunnies. Though myths exist in general, these have been accepted as a part of the Christian traditions in many parts of the world. Easter Pictures from around the world show how people dress as bunnies and eggs, and they are worth a look.

Another highlight of Easter are the Hot Cross Buns and their connected myths and such soft, sweet buns are a must in every home for centuries.

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Well, food kept aside, we have a society to interact with also. That is one of the most crucial factors of brotherhood. Take your time to spread the harmony and love of Easter through simple, meaningful messages, wishes and greetings. It will help people understand the meaning of love and brotherhood. Share Easter Wishes and Greeting Images to your friends via facebook, whastpp, sms and be merry.

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