Kolkata: BJP chief Amit Shah addresses a press conference in Kolkata, on April 22, 2019. . Image Source: IANS News

Kolkata, April 22 : Attacking the opposition for "failing to present" a clear cut policy on national security and its "inability" to put forward a single leader, BJP President Amit Shah on Monday said people across the country were voting with enthusiasm to make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister again for his decisive, capable, sensitive and strong leadership.

"The information from across the country on the first two phase of the (Lok Sabha) polls is that the people have voted with enthusiasm to make Modi the Prime Minister again. As per the polling, the campaign and the issues that have cropped up, it is clear that people are going to give a mandate on who can safeguard the country's security," Shah told the media here.

He said while the Modi-led NDA government declared a clear cut policy for the country's security and implemented it for five years to successfully lay down a zero tolerance policy on terrorism, the "entire opposition is silent on national security for the sake of their vote bank politics".

"Analysis of the opposition parties' manifesto shows they have no clear policy for national security. But the BJP's manifesto (Sankalpa Patra) gives a clear cut message on safeguarding national security," the Bharatiya Janata Party chief said.

Turning to the leadership issue, Shah said that over the past five years people have experienced the decisive and capable leadership provide by Modi.

"It is a leadership that is sensitive to the poor, and is not afraid to take strong steps to bring the country's economy back on rails or to remove corruption from the country."
In contrast, the opposition lacks a leadership, he said. "It has not been able to put before the nation a single leader or policy."
He said the people have to choose between the "concrete work" done by the Modi government for the welfare of the people and the "hollow promises of the opposition".

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