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April 22 : With Easter drawing to close for the whole world, it stood be a horrific experience for Sri Lanka attacks. The eight blasts have shed blood and tears for many innocent families. Though the source of these terror attacks has not yet been revealed, the world sure knows that this should be put an end.

Likewise, the world famous sand artist Sudarshan Pattnail did his own bit to spread the awareness of love and humanity.

He recently tweeted with a special #WeAreWithSrilanka message and this is what he had to say: “My thoughts and prayers for the people of #SriLanka "We Condemn Horrific attack" #WeAreWithSrilanka ' My Sand art at Puri sea beach in Odisha .”

His message will surely spark the worldwide feel of grief and condolences that were extended from all corners of the world from political leaders, celebrities and even the common man.

He also posted an equally powerful image for Earth Day and this is what he wrote for that: “#EarthDay lets act before its too late....”

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These sand art sculptures are indeed a tribute to all those who ought to be remembered, all those who need to be cared for and a strong wake up call to all those people who need to react and bring a stop to such brutal atrocities- whether it to mankind or even to Mother Earth. He even recently encouraged people to actively participate in the Indian #Elections2019.

He is a man of few words, but his art speaks a million. Over the years, he has expressed his viewpoints for the benefit of humanity sans religion, or caste of gender. If the world leaders could have many more thoughtful people like him to lead the way, perhaps atrocity in the name of terrorism and religious fanaticism would cease in a short while.

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Sudarshan Pattnaik is a world famous Indian sand artist with very humble beginnings hailing from the state of Odisha, India. Though brought up with lack of means for proper education, he chose nature – simple sand from the beaches of Odisha to express his views all over the world. It is a moment of pride to share that he has been able to represent India in over 60 International Sand Sculpture festivals around the globe.

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