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May 8 : Food is not only means a source to kill your hunger and give you energy, but it means feeding your body with good health. During the Ramadan time period, all believers follow the fasting hours quite religiously. Here we have a delicious collection of healthy and easy to make Ramadan special food items that you can serve for the Iftar break.

Date Fritters

A simple sweet starter to begin with. It is wholesome, contains natural sweetness, and of course is rich in iron, and minerals. After hours of fasting, the best way to handle an empty stomach are the tasty date fritters. You can check the video and the Date Fritters recipe .

Date fritters recipe

Sausage Pakora

Anyone who dislikes sausages? Hardly! And plus, it is a quick, tasty and super cool way to bring in a fancy starter on the table. We have used chicken sausages for the recipe, but you can always opt for a Vegan sausage in its place. Serve it hot with some low fat mayo. Get the Sausage Pakora recipe and do watch the video too.

Sausage Pakora fry for Ramadan iftar

Zesty Summer Drink

In the whirl of sweets, savouries, we need a shot of antioxidants too! So, there’s our inclusion of zesty summer drink for all ages. It can be prepared in advance and a good experiment for teenagers who would like to begin experimenting their cooking skills. The video is right below and read the Zesty Summer Drink recipe too.

Summer zesty drink


Image Source: IANS

Just like thedrink, a plateful of organic crunchies is always a delight to our digestive system. You can lay your hands on all the veggies you love, dice them up into small bite size pieces, add a bit of rock salt, a sprinkle of white pepper, a luxurious squeeze of lime juice, and finally a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. And yes, just dig in!

Birds Nest

Any adult can get on the imaginative side of food. Create a delectable platter of these cute Birds Nest and see how the young and old ask for more. It can be made in advance and served lukewarm to cold even. A great Iftar starter or every a party snack. Know the ingredients of the Bird's Nest recipe and see the video too.

Birds nest for snacks


Image Source: IANS News

Love your basic Desi meals? Then sure, have them with no second thoughts. Enjoy any dal curry with a buttered Naan, or phulka chapati, and some salad and cut fruits. Make sure to give your dal curry a handsome tadka, as that builds the flavours enormously. Dal or lentils are rich in proteins, making it a great choice for you to have after a fast.

Soya Chunk Cutlets

Cutlets are the favourite of any person. These cutlets are easy to make and plus is low on calories. We have opted to show the vegetarian variety using soya chunks, but you can always choose chicken, beef, egg, or fish and make these cutlets. Make sure to cook the meat, mash them finely, and follow the same recipe. This video and Soya Chunk Cutlets recipe will give you a better understanding.

soya chunk cutlets

Kebabs with Rice

Image Source: IANS

A great treat for all meat lovers. It is necessary that you eat good food during the Iftar. Minced meat with low fat or no fat that is grilled to perfection is a perfect choice for you. Pair it up with some fragrant Basmati rice, curd (laban), and some sliced cucumbers, and olives. A mouthful of this combo will feel like heaven. Kebabs can be made with chicken or mutton.

Mushroom Fritters

Fritters by name is a fried dish. But, this one is a healthy and a super filling choice. Use any type of edible fungus you like and make this recipe. This is one recipe that even elders can have with no fuss. It is healthy, as mushrooms do contain a lot of minerals. In case, you don’t the taste of mushrooms, skip them for some cottage cheese, or potatoes. Try the Mushroom Fritters recipe and check out the video below.

mushroom fritters


Image Source: IANS

You can not end a meal, without a dollop of sweetness. So, choose a simple phirni. It is lightly sweet, perfectly healthy and easy to make. You can make it ahead, and store in the bowls you would like to serve it in. Garnish with pistachio bits or any dry fruits you love and enjoy cold.

Wishing you a Delightful Ramadan Mubarak!!

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