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San Francisco, May 15 : Uber has decided to 'up' its services for their premium lot of customers. If you need, some peace and silence during your drive, then Uber has the right package for you.

For people who don't prefer chatty drivers, global ride-sharing major Uber is rolling-out "quiet mode" on its luxury services.

Premium Luxury Rides- The First of its kind- Uber

It's the first upgrade to the ride-hail giant's premium services to take place in several years, The Verge reported on Tuesday.

Under the upgrade, Uber would also allow its Premium riders to request help with their luggage and specify their preferred temperature while bookhat they had done the due diligence, cross-verified facts and figures presented by the board and had raised an alarm".

"What action can be taken depends upon what evidence is produced in the investigation report and what sort of violations have been committed, the gravity of the offence. Prima facie there is enough material to look into the affairs of the auditors", the source added.

Among the company's independent directors in the company's board during the period in question, were the Maruti Suzuki India Chairman R.C. Bhargava, former bureaucrat Michael Pinto, Sunil B. Mathur and Jaithirth Rao, formerly of Citibank.

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