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May 16 : Anupam Kher is a true patriot, Bollywood actor and loving supporter to his wife Kirron Kher. He is known for open statements in matters related to films, and politics. Of late he has been busy with the political rounds as he was campaigning for Kirron Kher.

During his travels, Anupam Kher found time to interact with the Indian public via Twitter. In the midst of all the conversations, he also snatched a few seconds to give a crisp reply to Indian wizard of English – Shashi Tharoor.

Shashi Tharoor gave in an amusing comment that went like this, "Modi, it is now clear, is the adult version of the kid your mom told you to stay away from and is a living example of all the things she taught you not to be." Sad to have a PM who violates every tenet of good behaviour’

Anupam Kher worded his opinion in this manner: “Modi, it is now clear, is the adult version of the kid your mom tells you to become like. And not to become the living example of a dynast who for the last 15yrs is doing nothing but is surrounded by sycophants like this gentleman. Sad to have him reduced to this level. “

From 2014, Kirron Kher was elected into the Lok Sabha from Chandigarh. She is lovingly called as Grandma India among her fans. During his interactions, Anupam Kher did answer many interesting quizzes that were posed to him.

He has requested the public to ask anything that they need to know about him, or about the political side of India, or perhaps anything under the sun.

So, if you ask on Twitter with the hastag #AskAnupam, you could be lucky enough to get answered. Plus, you can be assured, these are straight forward, genuine replies by the man himself.

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