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May 17 : Veganism is a diet concept whereby a person eats no form non vegetarian food or even any products that you may get from animals. For example, milk, curd, cheese and butter. We have sketched out a couple of Bollywood celebrities who have adopted veganism as their lifestyle.

Anushka Sharma

Image Source: IANS News

She has expressed her love for fur animals on social media. From her cuddly dogs, to horses, she hates any harm being cast on them. She took a firm stand for animals, but this thought sparked off from the fact that her pet disliked the smell of meat. So she left it for the animal.

Virat Kohli

Image Source: IANS

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. (File Photo: IANS)

Anushka’s husband Virat Kohli is also a strong advocate of protection of animals. It could be his wife’s influence, but surely he admits that this diet change did help him stay fit and also perform better in his sport.

Sonakshi Sinha

Image Source: IANS

Now, this lovable Dabang girl shut out meat from her diet- because she loved animals. Plus, she admits noticing that an improvement in her metabolism. She could shed weight and fight back the obesity and flab issues.

Esha Gupta

Image Source: IANS News

From 2013, this Bollywood celebrity said goodbye to a meat rich diet. Having understood the ill- effects of non- vegetarian food, she has now switched to a complete Vegan diet. She also endorses a lot of campaigns for PETA.

Sonam Kapoor

Image Source: IANS News

Though childhood, this young lady faced the wrath of obesity. Once she turned into a Bollywood actress, her ideas about life and fitness changed dramatically. In her constant attempts to shed weight. She skipped the meat and then slowly the dairy products, as she felt it was beneficial for her body. She is a Vegan by all means now.

Anand Ahuja

Image Source: IANS

A Vegan, a raw Vegan in specific is what Anand Ahuja would like to describe himself as. He is all for healthy diets, without placing the knife on innocent animals.

Kiran Rao

Image Source: IANS

A video is said to have changed her view points on what food we take into the body. She is a strict advocate of Veganism, and speaks out at all possible occasions to make people realize the cruelty that animals are facing in today’s world.

Aamir Khan

Image Source: IANS

Aamir Khan is one of the influential actors in Bollywood, and he was influenced into the Vegan style of living by his wife, Kiran Rao. Supposedly, she had shown him a video about the diseases that will be caused to man once they eat meat. That was what changed his perspective and eventaully lead him to adopt the Vegan Diet.

Mallika Sherawat

Image Source: Studio Bain de Lumiere

If Veganism is the fad word now in India, Mallika adopted it years back and was labelled as the Hottest Vegan of 2011. She follows this diet religiously and surely that reflects on her enviable curves and glowing complexion.

Jacqueline Fernandez

Image Source: IANS

The Sri Lankan damsel adopted the Vegan lifestyle in order to get on the healthy side of life. Also in 2014, she was acknowledged as the ‘Woman of the year’ by the PETA group.

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