Elections funny trolls. Image Source: Prokerala.com

May 23 : With the Lok Sabha elections doing its rounds on who is going to win and where, Twitter buddies never fail to amuse the world with their hilarious version of what goes behind the scenes of the Elections 2019.

Amidst the tensed scenario, debates, spontaneous comments on social media and the live updates on Google, you can always have time to pass off a silly laugh with these creative troll creators. A scroll down will show out how they see the new India, the election tamasha and yes, the future of the Indian democracy.

Guess, this guy synced up cricket's aggressive Virender Sehwag with the stormy Modi and captioned it as: "Only Indian who scored two times 300".

The best dance step depicting the joy and that crazy feel Amit Shah is wading through at the moment.

Are you all high with 'JOSH' as this energetic Indian is, on Twitter? Well, the election temperatures will hit the max before the day ends today.

Well, our fellow Indian has come up with a funny meme on how BJP exists in rest of India and within Tamil Nadu.

The next one will surely sent you out into a frenzy series of giggles. Though memes, they do seem to pass out a message somewhere.

Wow, our Bua seems all down. The GoT finale is a great representation!!

Imagine Prakash Raj's face on seeing this tweet. Even the morose ones out there, will slip a laugh

It's threat and peep time for BJP supporters. They are on their toes and their opponents will face tough competition.

Guess, today even the laziest Indian, will never try to take their face off the live updates that flow in via TV or Google!

Another hilarious climax scene of Narendra Modi. He never seems to have a shortage of memes trailing him 24/7!

Now, it is a Gala time for the NDA world!

You couldn't find something more truthfully comical than this. This is an absolute smash of words against the BJP boys.

Let's not give up Aap!!! There is something for everyone, but it could be at the end of the rat race!

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