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May 24 : We all would have heard about Yetis and they are super huge and stay at the fearful end of our whimsical imaginations. Well, this time, we may just begin to love this furry ball of joy in the latest animation film called Abominable.

While legends portray a massive human like creature out to harm anyone who comes by its way, this film gives the Yeti an adorable dimension. It is huge, but not the harmful one. A cute bundle which resembles a huge snowball, but loves company and some childish play time.

A Peep into this Animated Yeti’s Journey

The trailer gives an idea on how it made its way to the Himalayas all the way from Shanghai with the help of his teenage friend (who happens to a daring, adventurous girl). She notices that the poor chap somehow was hiding in her apartment roof and works out interesting plans to get him back home.

The Abominable premiere is a much awaited affair and can be viewed in theatres on Sept 27, 2019. It has been created by the Dream Works Animation and Pearl Studio. Dream Works Animation had recently got their fame from their work in How to Train Your Dragon.

The entire story revolves around Yi (the teenage girl) and Everest (the Yeti was named as Everest by the girl). She loves her violin and along with her friends set out to place the young Yeti back to where he belongs.

Their trip is interrupted with a little villain drama wherein a man wants to capture the Yeti and an animal lover (a zoologist) works on a solid plan to save the yeti from his trap.

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