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June 14 : We all have been so used with getting all that we asked for in life. Be it a pencil, or a chocolate, or a dress, you have someone powerful to hold your hand out to. That is none other than your father. With Father's Day 2019, smiling at us, we thought you would like to take time out to share your feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation to your father.

No need to keep searching for words, for we have it all lined up for you. It’s meaningful, it’s heart warming, and basically this is what your Dad would love to hear from you. You can send these wishes on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, or even as a lovely SMS. Choose your pick, be ready to click the love on his face when he reads these Father’s day messages this time!

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A father’s day greeting from child to father

“On this day, I wish that you remain blessed always

To lead this family in the best of your abilities

Happy Father’s Day”

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Father’s Day wish to your Dad

“To the hand that protected me when I feared

To the voice that told me, ‘It’s ok, dear’

To the smile that made me thank God for giving me the best gift of my life

Happy Father’s Day”

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A touching Father’s Day quote from grown up son/ daughter to father

“For the man who showed me ‘ I am his best playmate’

For the man who tolerated all my silly tantrums

For the man who gave me the freedom to follow my dreams

Love you Dad!! Happy Father’s Day”

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A sweet message to your father showing gratitude

“Wishing the Teacher in You

Wishing the Role Model in You

Wishing the Epitome of Humour in our family

You’re the best!

Happy Father’s Day to our only and best Dad!!”

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Show that you are proud of your father through this message

“It does not take smartness to father a child

But it takes dedication and wisdom to play the role of father for a lifetime

Wishing my Papa , the best of your health, and happiness in the years to come!”

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Father’s Day special wish from wife to the father of her children

“Love to let you know my love

That you are the best being I have ever seen

That you are the most awesome Dad, any child would have got

That you make our lives truly special!

Happy Father’s Day”

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Best quote from child to father on father’s day 2019

“Times have been tough, but you stood steady

When despair hit me, you hugged me tight

This special wish goes out to you- the one who has been my dad and my mom all my life

Happy Father’s Day”

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Father’s Day status message to put on Whatsapp

“Growing up was always hard for me

But today, as a parent, I understand the pain you took to tolerate me

Love you and appreciate every drop of sacrifice you sweated on this adorable family

Let God bless you on this Father’s Day and stay this way always for us!”

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Loving wish to your grandfather on Father’s Day

“You are a step ahead of my own dad

You taught the essence of life

Today, I feel blessed and loved to have grown with you grandpa

Happy Father’s Day”

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Share your love on Father’s Day

“God sends his angels to look after creations in the form of parents

You, my father, has been the biggest inspiration for me

Through triumphs or failures, you were all I needed to move on

Thank you for everything you have done until now

Happy Father’s Day”

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Share a heart warming message from stepchild to step father

“From you, I understood life is too small to drown in miseries

From you, I understood that you do not need blood to be a parent

You have cared and loved me as your own

I owe my success and health to you

Happy Father’s Day”

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Blessed Father’s Day messages to share on Facebook and Twitter

“If I am the person the world knows today, it is because of the guidance and prayers you have given me.

Will always remain grateful to you and Happy Father’s Day!!!”

This time, bring down the pressures on his face, and let his happiness shine upon him- your father. You too would reach his position or maybe could be a father right now, show the love he yearns for today. It will make his day so much better.

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