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Aries: For Aries, this week’s planetary movements are going to trigger important factors and is full of activity. The Sun will enter the sign of Cancer and that will bring more focus on family life. Family events can come up and your relatives may visit you. The Sun will be influencing your career as well. You may witness some changes at work, and your superiors can be very demanding. There will be a lot of focus on your faith and spirituality. See More

Taurus: On June 17, you will see a bright full moon up above the sector for financial challenges and emotional self. During this week, you are a little stressed out due to financial needs. Lending, borrowing or other financial settlements can be a part of this week. Partners from the personal and professional sector will be having more demands and you may not be able to find a perfect solution for their issues. The Sun is going to impact your communication and multitasking. This is a busy week for you. This is, of course, a busy week, so, you can expect physical issues. See More

Gemini: The Sun will enter the sign of Cancer during this week and that is not a great move. The Sun in the sector for finances means financial issues. The solar transit during this week will influence your career as well. It may not be an easy time at work. The Sun indicates ego and your ego will be in a heightened mode during this week. That may cause issues with your dear and near ones as well. On the 17th of this week, a powerful full moon will start influencing your marriage and professional relationships. See More

Cancer: This week is very much sensitive, so you have to make careful moves. Your life is very eventful these days and your ruler Moon will be very active during this week. Your workplace will get much triggered and that should be seen in a serious note. When the full moon rises it adds sensitiveness to everything you are in. Physical health also will need more care. You are looking for new beginnings from personal and professional life. See More

Leo: Your creative sector will get triggered during this week when the full moon rises on 17th. This is the time to complete some of your creative projects. Singles will find some opportunities to meet likeminded people. This is also a time to study a new skill. You may have to focus on having a cordial relationship with your teammates. This is the time to take some rest and physical issues can be a part of this transit. See More

Virgo: Virgos will be focusing more on their family life during this week. A strong full moon will start influencing your family and home from this week onwards. When the Moon influences your family life you will have a focus on the real estate related deals as well. There may be some issues or discussions connected with your property.Try to be very careful with your groups and friends. You may have to solve some issues with them. See More

Libra: All the Librans around the world will be interested in multitasking and communications during this week. This is a good time to complete a few projects which require skills like writing, editing, teaching or sales. This phase also shows the importance of your siblings or such relatives, whom you consider as relatives. Working with small groups can also be a part of this phase. Please make direct and clear communications during this week. You need to be very cautious at your work. Try to be in the good books of your superiors. See More

Scorpio: Money isn’t everything, but Set thy expense according to thy trade, because the full moon will be rising in the sector for money during this week. Lending and borrowing also can come up. Moon indicates volatility, so, there will be some changes in the finances. At times, during this week, you may react in an emotional manner, because the Moon will also trigger your ego. You will be having some concerns regarding yourself. Spirituality and philosophy will attract you. See More

Sagittarius: For Sagittarians, their personal life will be utmost important during this week. Your physical, emotional and mental energies will get renewed. Don’t be so demanding, otherwise, that may create arguments with your near and dear ones. Endings and completions are also possible during this week. You must be very clear about what you expect from the relationships. Whether it is a personal or professional relationship, you must deal with your partner with the utmost care. Joint projects may need more time to reach perfection. See More

Capricorn: This week, Capricornian will find themselves being withdrawn and living a very solitary life. You need to be very careful as you are going through a very sensitive phase. Yoga, meditation and other therapies will be able to help you to go through these days. This is the best time to be spiritual and learn something regarding spirituality. You have to be very careful with your colleagues. Stay away from workplace politics as well See More

Aquarius: Aquarians will try to complete a few projects during this week. This is a great time to get a new friend, but you may find someone leaving your circle as well. Aquarians around the world will have some projects or activities for children or young groups. Your creative energies are on during this week and you will try to use them. This is a good time to improve your health as well. See More

Pisces: Pisceans are emotional this week and that will reflect more in the career sector. Your career related matters will suddenly get triggered and you may have to complete some projects. You need to be very dedicated to working during this time. You will have to manage certain real estate deals and family issues. During this week, there will be some more focus on arts and entertainment. You have to be careful with your teammates. See More

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