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Aries: During this week, when Mercury jumps into the royal sign of Leo, you will be busy in networking and making some plans for your own ventures. So, for Aries, this week’s horoscope will be explaining much about your own ventures. See More

Taurus: Your family matters will get highlighted from this week onwards as Mercury, the planet of communication will jump into the sector for family and home. From this week onwards, you may get some projects for home and family. See More

Gemini: Gemini horoscope for this week is showing a major focus on finances and short projects. Mercury, the planet for communication will jump into the sector for communication and media during this week. You are going to have a busy schedule in the coming days and that may make you stressed out. See More

Cancer: The weekly horoscope of Cancer shows a lot of activity regarding finances. Mercury, the planet of communications, deals, and conversations will start influencing your finances during this week. See More

Leo: Dear Leos, this is the time to make productive conversations regarding your own ventures. The king of conversations Mercury will start influencing your personal life and ambitions from this week onwards. See More

Virgo: A major move from Mercury, the planet of communications can make you little silent. During this week, Mercury will be moving into the sector for the subconscious mind and hidden desires. This is a time to revive your private life and you will be continuously thinking about your challenges and emotions. See More

Libra: When the sector for teamwork is ignited, every Libran will have a natural desire to fly like a social butterfly. During this week, Mercury will be jumping into the social sector the Librans and it makes your weekly horoscope very interesting See More

Scorpio: Your finances are still getting a lot of focus due to the Venusian influences, but, during this week a major move from Mercury is going to ignite your career. Mercury, the planet for communications will be jumping into the royal sign of Leo and that will push your career up. That makes the Scorpio weekly horoscope very intense. See More

Sagittarius: You are not among those people who can be easily got satisfied through the ordinary way of life. Sagittarius is adventurous and they want a meaningful life. This passion will increase when the naughty Mercury will jump into the regal sign of Leo and that will ignite the passion for long travels and philosophy. See More

Capricorn: The weekly horoscope for Capricorn is very much interesting as Mercury, the curious planet will be sliding into the powerful sign of Leo. This will make you also curious about the mysteries of the universe. You may try to read everything and everyone around with the help of mysticism. That should not bring any arguments during this week. See More

Aquarius: Networking and socializing will be a big part of your life this week. It is because Mercury, the plane for communication and networking will be making a fast entry to the magnetic sign of Leo during this week and that will be adding momentum to the personal and professional relationship. See More

Pisces: When Venus hits your family sector, you will try to improve your family life and lifestyle. During this week Venus will advance more through the family sector and that indicates more comfort. You will buy some devices to enjoy your life. See More

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