Chennai, June 27 : The agitation against Sterlite Copper - the copper smelter plant of Vedanta Ltd in Thoothukudi - was instigated by foreign interests, the company told the Madras High Court on Thursday.

Arguing the case against the closure of Sterlite Copper by the Tamil Nadu government, Vedanta's counsel said there are direct financial and economic interests of foreigners in the agitation.

He said a sizeable part of the country's copper demand was met by Sterlite Copper and post closure the demand is being met by foreign suppliers.

According to Vedanta's counsel, the closure order of the Tamil Nadu government is not because the copper smelter unit was polluting but due to extraneous reasons.

He said the factory did not exceed the emission levels and the state government has not raised any issues relating to pollution.

According to him, the plant was closed following protests by people resulting in police firing in which 13 persons died in May, 2018.

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