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Aries: To all those fast Aries, you may have to focus on slowing down in the coming days, because Mercury, the planet for communications and media will be starting its slow down mode. See More

Taurus: When the new moon hits the house for communication and multitasking, all the Taurus cannot stop themselves from being communicative. During this week, you will be finding new projects from communication-related domain. See More

Gemini: Gemini weekly horoscope is showing the importance of finances. The total solar eclipse during the first week of July will trigger the chances for the need for more money. See More

Cancer: You and your desires and ambitions will have very prominence during this week due to the total solar eclipse. It indicates new beginnings in all the factors connected with your personal life. See More

Leo: You want to stay calm and be alone during this week due to the total solar eclipse in the mysterious portion of your chart. It will be increasing your intuitions and you need them for the coming days. See More

Virgo: The weekly horoscope for Virgos is showing the need for new long-term plans. A powerful solar eclipse will shake up the space for new friendships, team ventures, and your hopes. See More

Libra: When you get a new project, then you should not be surprised. You should not be confused when all of a sudden, your managers ask you to take a new responsibility. See More

Scorpio: This week is ideal for foreign travels as well as foreign collaborations. The total solar eclipse in the space for philosophy and spirituality may influence you to be more philosophical. See More

Sagittarius: The total solar eclipse during this week will show you’re the real status of your finances. You are not supposed to spend money on unnecessary matters. This week is not great for finances and moreover, the Sun and Venus are also in this same space. You may have arguments regarding finances. See More

Capricorn: When you are ruled by the planet for discipline, then you will be a little slow but steady. The weekly horoscope for Capricorn is showing some changes in your personal and professional relationships. See More

Aquarius: When the solar eclipse hits the space for work and colleagues, you will see what your workplace actually needs from you. During this week, the solar eclipse will show you what all you need to do to improve your productivity at work. See More

Pisces: During this week, you will be looking for more entertainment. The total solar eclipse in the sector for creativity will be highlighted. You will try to get a few creative projects and they may be a little complex. See More

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