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July 11 : The Pandharpur Wari is one of the most religious pilgrimages that is held in the Ashadha Shukla Ekadashi month as per the Marathi calendar. Wari means a journey and Pandharpur Wari is a religious journey that devotees carry out from the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. The journey of devotees or Warakaris or varkari, started off from their homes to assemble in Pandharpur from June 25, 2019 and the travel is scheduled for 21 days. It is a tradition of faith which began from around AD 1685.

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On Ashadha Ekadashi ( Devashayani Ekadashi) which will be tomorrow on July 12, 2019, the devotees will stop by the Chandrabhaga river to take a holy dip, and also get a glimpse of Lord Vitthal and Rukmini. This Ashadi Yatra is given a lot of importance as they believe that Lord Vitthal will begin to sleep from this day onwards. Coincidentally, the holy period of the Chaturmas also start on Shayani Ekadashi (July 12). People who take this journey will get his blessings a day before he goes to sleep.

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On this day, the temple will be kept open for the whole day. The Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi journey from Pune had started on June 24 and the Sant Dnyaneshawar Palkhi journey from Alandi began in June 25. This Palkhi Yatra is said to come to a close on Ashadi Ekadashi.

Image Source: IANS

By this journey, devotees get blessed by being able to take part and see Lord Vitthal- who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On July 12, devotees meet together, take a bath in the river and finally move on for the last phase of the holy walk to Pandharpur – which is called as Pradakshina. On Ashadhi Ekadashi , the Lord Vitthal and Rukmini idols are carried in a decorate chariot and Palkhi procession and end at Pandharpur.

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