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July 11 : One of the most beautiful actresses in Bollywood during the late 80’s was none other than Sangeeta Bijlani celebrated her birthday on July 9 with one of the most handsome men in B-town. As she turned 54 years, her sweet friend Salman Khan reportedly threw a lovely party bash to make her day extra special.

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“Despite how loving, peaceful and open you attempt to be, people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves“. When I first read these lines many years back, I thought these are beautiful words and I could only relate to it on some level. But ever since I began to go into deeper meditative states, an internal shift occurred and I started to understand, feel and see things with so much more clarity. There are several layers to every human and there’s a key made for every door. Everyone is a part of the ocean and everybody has a spot in the sky. But not everyone can be on the same depth, frequency or vibration as you are, and not everyone knows how to soar the same heights as you are on. As you explore and learn more about yourself you will understand that it’s not an easy task to conquer oneself. As you go into deeper and deeper states of awareness, something beautiful and magical begins to occur and then starts the process of unlearning. A sense of realisation dawns upon you as you watch layers being shed, and gradually you can see that you are overcoming the barriers between you and the world. You will gain a new insight and more clarity towards Life. Understand that each being is suffering within their own mind and each one is struggling to spread the wings. Judgement, anger, hatred and frustration will only affect your own deeper being and will lead to destruction of your peace and harm you much more than anyone else, so try to understand and find a better way of dealing with people and situations of your life. I know that no ones journey is easy and you cannot force this knowledge, insight or treasure onto others, for self-realisation is the basis of this awakening. You can only help by guiding one towards their own self, you can only show the way. @jalaj_tyagi thnx for this beautiful pix. It speaks volumes 🤗 @vipulbhagatmakeupandhair #bijlistrikesblog #sangeetabijlani #journeytoself #meditationistheanswer #overcomethebarriers #shedthelayers #processofunlearning #clarityoflife #newunderstanding #knowledgeofself #awakening #selfrealisation #beautifulandmagical #spirituality #selflove

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The duo have been noted to be lovers in the early 90’s and rocked the reel world with their magnetic chemistry. It was said that they almost reached at a point of marriage, when Sangeeta found that Salman was cheating. Well, old stories put aside, Salman Khan had gone an extra mile to host a birthday party.

Among the invited were Sajid Nadiadwala, Mohnish Behl, Salman’s supposed present girlfriend Iulia Vantur and they seemed to have a total blast. Sangeeta turned up in a simple black dress while Salman Khan was perfectly in casual white mode with cool denims. His bracelet was top notch and struck the right fashion bell.

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His girlfriend Iulia Vantur turned up in sexy, deep necked black dress and looked stunning. The party was held at his Bandra residence and was definitely kicking up those nostalgic romantic days of the pair.

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The two happened to be love struck with each other during their younger days and it is said that even when she was a rocky relationship with cricketer Mohd Azharuddin, it is believed that she used to find comfort and solace in the company of Salman Khan.

Watch: Salman Khan celebrates ex-girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani's birthday with Lulia Vantur and friends

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