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August 14 : Taapsee Pannu’s style statements are often a rare delight to watch. She never walks on the normal lines of fashion. But still, she looks elegant, in vogue and stands to be the perfect example of the Modern Desi Girl of India. As India awaits, the release of her latest film ‘Mission Mangal’, Taapsee shares some of her beautiful saree styles that can be actually adopted by working women and even for party wear.

She wore this three shade sari and paired with a fantastic pair of loops. Her curls stood out bright and fluffy as ever, posing to be a cute contrast to the shades of light green, and pastel bands of brown and pink in her outfit. A perfect dress code; for the ladies, who choose to wear sari as their formal wear.

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Le liya panga !

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With the light colours puts aside, this time she is as bright as the burning sun here. Her orange sari paired with that elegant sleeveless blouse speaks less, but gives the Mission Mangal lady that power look.

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Too sunny!

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Another great choice for formal sari looks. This is one design that embraces elegance in all its fineness. She looks so aristocratic in this colour, along with her neatly tied bun.

Wow, a pleasant change from the subtle shades of sarees. This is a pretty lilac coloured saree, but a lovable choice if you are going for a wedding, or a tea party, or perhaps a date. So, very dainty, is all that design and her pose shouts out here.

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Titli Bani... bann ke udi.... 🦋

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Well, a nice pic that gives viewers of the elaborate sheer design of her blouse. It is so very feminine and it is something young girls can opt to wear for some family functions.

The last one in our collections is the bold but undoubtedly cute version of Taapsee Pannu. This saree is all multi- colours and geometrical shapes and sizes. But when she paired with her lovely loop earrings thin strapped blouse and neatly plaited hair, she is a bundle of beauty that all fans would adore to watch.

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