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Aries: There will be a lot of focus on your work, colleagues, health, debts, responsibilities, and pets. Too many planets are activating these matters during this week.  There will be a lot of projects and that may need a lot of physical energy as well.  Most of the projects can be short ones which need a lot of analysis and time. See More

Taurus: When multiple planets are activating your zeal for romance, then you would not be able to stop yourself. During this week, there will be meetings with likeminded people, and you will be meeting new people as well. See More

Gemini: Your family matters will be getting highlighted from this week onwards. There will be more events in your personal life as well. Too many planets are activating your family as well as personal life. See More

Cancer: You will be so surprised looking at your work schedule as you move from one to another project very quickly. This is a week for a huge workload. So, you need to be well prepared for the coming days. There will be more communication with your siblings and relatives. See More

Leo: Finances will be gaining a lot of importance this week. Multiple planets will be triggering the finances. Please prepare yourself for unexpected expenses. They will be coming mostly up when you least expect it. So, you are moving towards a little serious week. See More

Virgo: Your personal life is transforming during these days. During this week, the intensity of this transformation will increase and that can make you do a retrospect. The Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are taking charge of this transformation. See More

Libra: Your subconscious mind is highly active as multiple planets are activating the sector. The Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Venus are highlighting your fears and desires in different frequencies. See More

Scorpio: There is nothing in your mind than long term goals. You are looking only for something which can add value to your future. During this week, the focus on your long term plans will be intense as many planets are going to trigger this house. See More

Sagittarius: Your ambitions are very high and during this week, you will start new projects at official capacity. The Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury all are pushing you to be stronger in career. Those job seekers among you are going to find new horizons. See More

Capricorn: This is a very important week for foreign collaborations and traveling. The chances for projects with foreign collaborations do exist throughout this month. You will be looking for more profits and the majority of the projects can come from media and mass communication.  See More

Aquarius: You have to be very cautious during this week because multiple planets are activating the house for finances and partnerships. This is also the house for volatility and that is a very sensitive matter. When the Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are triggering the finances, there will volatility for sure. See More

Pisces: Your relationship sector is highly active these days and during this week, the intensity will be huge. Multiple planets will activate your relationships. So, you have to think about multiple people during this time. See More

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