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August 20 : The Bollywood actress, Sunny Leone is one actress who looks lovely whether on stage, or on reels or when she is out for casual date night with her love, Daniel Weber. Though the Jism actress had reached the heights of stardom due to her past porn life, today she is loved for the person she is.

In terms of acting, she takes a lot of pain to evolve from the hot and sexy item girl and looks forward to taking up substantial roles in Bollywood and even other parts of India. We spotted some of her cute hair looks that helped her attain a great look in each outfit. Below we have outlined them for you.

In the above red gown, her tantalizing pose allows her to flaunt her curves perfectly. This is one hair look that we loved. It is neatly gel laden piece of beauty on her head. She looks like a diva all ready for a performance on stage.

Image Source: IANS

These front bangs are something that reminds us of the 80’s. She looks rather cute and makes us wander away into the fashion world of the Archies comics. With this hairstyle, she manages to cover up her large forehead.

Image Source: IANS

A cutie pie is the right name for this lady. From the looks of her hairdo, it looks like she parted her hair and tied them up into two tight buns on each side. It looks great and almost represents those tiny pig tails that small children jump around with as they run to school.

Image Source: Amlan Paliwal/IANS

Her lazy locks remain an all time favourite among women around the world. In this pic specifically, her dreamy gaze adds so much beauty to her final look. This hairstyle is great for an evening party or a socila meet up.

Wow, this is her latest Insta pic where she had flaunted her chopped hairstyle. She looks as hot as a cherry with her bold lipstick. This hair look is great for women who have less hair volume, as it can be brushed up to look more fuller to a limit.

Image Source: IANS

Her bouncy curls are lovely all by themselves. They lend her that jolly good, peppy girl next door look. This is something that girls with curls can adopt. Find out ways to reduce the thick frizzy hair and make it more manageable like this one.

Image Source: IANS

Now, that is scale straight hair she has donned on. When that hair look paired with those square shades, the perfect lady look who stands no nonsense is what we get to see here.

Image Source: IANS

Is that Cindrella of the modern age? Well, Sunny Leone has certainly pulled off this hairstyle pretty well. Her bun has been gathered up to one side and she look like a dainty fairy here.

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