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Aries: During this week, the new moon will bring freshness at work. When the Sun and other planets trigger the house of work, you already have work-related stress. With the arrival of the new moon, your responsibilities can increase. See More

Taurus: Your focus is on your creative energies during this week. The universe was triggering these tender energies during the last week as well and you were focused on displaying your skills. See More

Gemini: Yes, you are the social butterflies, being an air sign, you don’t like that claustrophobic atmosphere, but during this week, you will find yourself in a dual atmosphere. First of your family sector is highly activated and you will have to spend more time for your family. See More

Cancer: Your ruler Moon will be under tight conjunction from the Sun and influenced by other planets like Venus, Mars, and Mercury. So, indeed, there is a lot of focus on your personal life. However, your primary focus is being with small groups. See More

Leo: The situations will be almost like last week as the planetary influences are activating the same thing, which is finances. The Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury are heavily triggering the finances. New financial problems or plans will be rising during this week when the new moon rises here. See More

Virgo: You are the most practical and logical sign in the zodiac and that is a good thing, but sometimes, it can be a big turn off for others. During this week, the need for a perfect life can arise more than the last week as the new moon is going to rise and it will influence your personal life. See More

Libra: The universe is asking you to take quiet time for the last few weeks and during this week also the need for solace is high. The sun, mercury, mars, and Venus are activating the need for peace and emotional stability, but it seems you have to work hard to attain it. See More

Scorpio: For the last few days, you are focusing on your long term projects and during this week also the same pattern will continue. Especially when the new moon rises during this week, you will see changes in the long term relationships. See More

Sagittarius: You are focusing more at your work during this week. This focus will be completely in aggressive because of a powerful new moon. You will find multiple ways to promote yourself, but you need to be very careful. See More

Capricorn: You are looking more into activities with your writing skills. The ninth house for spirituality, media, mass communications, and philosophy is highly active these days. During this week a powerful new moon will come up with new beginnings and that will make you more enthusiastic. See More

Aquarius: The focus on finances will continue during this week. The Sun. Venus, Mars, and Mercury are continuing to influence your finances and that shows the challenges. During this week, the new moon will bring new finances matters into your attention. See More

Pisces: You are very much focused on the relationships these days. During this week, you will be a very aggressive person, so you have to be very careful with your communications. Please express yourself clearly. It is equally important for you to understand other ideas as well. See More

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