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Aries: There will be more focus on your workplace as the Sun and Mars are highly activating it. So, the importance of the workplace will increase, but in a very complex model. There will be a huge workload and you have to keep yourself focussed. See More

Taurus: The focus on creative projects will increase in the coming days. This is a very good time for creative projects. You will try to strengthen your love life. Social gatherings and entertainment programs are also seen. See More

Gemini: For the last few weeks, your family and home are very important. The presence of two fiery planets like the Sun and Mars will be making it stronger. This is time to repair your home. Various real estate deals can come up. Family meetings are also seen. See More

Cancer: The Sun and Mars are triggering short trips, short courses, training, siblings, media, technology, electronics, and writing. This indicates new projects from communication-related domains. You may travel for a short distance. This is a time for plenty of communications. See More

Leo: Finances are very important during this week also. For the last few weeks, the Sun and Mars are igniting your finances and esteem. Both the planets are fiery and acting so fast, so you can expect some issues regarding finances. See More

Virgo: The Sun and Mars are triggering the sector for personal life, health, and ambitions. You will have some new beginnings in your life. Solar eclipses indicate changes with challenges. You may try to move towards a different direction. These changes will be there for a long time. See More

Libra: There are emotional challenges for the past few weeks, but they will end or reduce in the coming days. The Sun and Mars, the fiery planets are triggering your subconscious mind during this week and the Sun will leave this house very soon. See More

Scorpio: Your focus is totally in your collective projects, group efforts, long term associations, children and profits. This indicates new beginnings. These new beginnings can mainly reflect in your long term projects. New long term projects can come up. See More

Sagittarius: Your focus on career sector is highly increasing as two fiery planets are moving through that sector. The Sun and Mars will make your career sector very active. You have to be careful with your managers. This is not the time to be lazy at work. See More

Capricorn: There will be some good things coming up from your career sector as Mercury and Venus are triggering it. New job opportunities can come up. There will be additional work as well. New events will come up in connection with your workplace. See More

Aquarius: The Sun and Mars are influencing your finances, self-worth, family, speech and material assets are completely active by a group of planets. This is a very sensitive time for your finances. This will bring new hopes regarding your financial status. See More

Pisces: The Sun and Mars will trigger spouse, marriage, personal and professional relations, agreements, contracts, and open enemies are triggered now. This will be in a higher mode during this week because the new moon will rise above this zone. See More

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