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September 16 : Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor is one jovial and stylish person who loves to experiment the bold side of fashion always. This time, he posed for the cameras in a blood red classy red suit and it fits into the fine elements of class and dapper looks that a man could have. We collected other all-red looks of Arjun Kapoor that made him like a fuss free Macho style statement.

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It is not usual for men to paint their style statements in red, but this cute guy did. Arjun Kapoor went in for a red and black suit and he looked completely drool worthy. He wore a bright red coat with a high V neck black T shirt, paired with neat red pant. The classy choice helped to sculpture out his well toned muscles. This picture got its fair share of Wows. He chose stylish black shoes with classy black shades. Unlike women, who need a dash of makeup to glam them up- it is Arjun Kapoor’s confidence that made us appreciate him a lot.

Image Source: IANS

Trailing back, we caught up with some old photos of his younger days. He wore a red jacket with a simple yellow and white T shirt, pairing with a worn out jeans. He proved that style doesn’t have to be always snippets of what is trending. If you have a fit body and a killer smile- you are good to go!

Image Source: IANS

Another one of his casuals and he looked rather sweet in this one. He paired a red checkered shirt with a V neck white T shirt and looked cool as ever. This was a stage before he began to maintain his body to the fitness level we ogle at today. But his red look was great on its own.

Image Source: IANS

A look into his Desi taste in fashion, helped us capture this wonderful snap of Arjun Kapoor in a red and black polka dotted Kurta. He supposedly wore this during Sonam Kapoor’s wedding mehendi function. For a man of his physique, he looked stylish and self contained. With him, red is no more a colour exclusive to women.

Image Source: IANS

Wow, is the expression that comes for his look at the Award function. He looked neat, and dapper and so very elegant. This was more of a dark red maroon wear , combined with a inner waist coat- a perfect choice for any wedding.

Image Source: IANS

True, this is no shade of red, but this rich burgundy suit seemed too good to not be included in this list. It is simple, but lends that vogue look to the actor.

Image Source: IANS

A gaze that kills, and a fashion statement that is perfect for the beach side evening party. He seems to love mixing up suits with T shirts and no doubt- his style statements give him that special identity.

Image Source: Amlan Paliwal/IANS

We kept this dapper suit for the last. It had a high collar and a man could not look more sexier on stage than him. The colour extended from a bright red to almost a maroon color and he look like chic guy. His stiff collars added oomph to his final look. This is something men can wear even on their special days.

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