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London, Sep 23 : One Direction band star Harry Styles once gave a fish worth 3,000 pounds to singer Liam Gallagher as a gift.

As a mark of his affection, Styles personally went to buy the seabass for the former Oasis frontman.

"I was in the studio with Harry, I f***ing love that geezer. I was telling him about when I was in Marks & Spencer and I was getting seabass for a week. This little old lady was in there and she was looking at all the seabass. She was about 90. She was taking all the fish. I couldn't have that," quoted Gallagher as saying.

At the time, Gallagher had thought Styles was ignoring the story. But he was paying close attention to it.

"Two days later a big bag of seabass comes to my studio, the door goes, ding dong, and it's three grands worth of seabass. It's from Panzer's Deli in St John's Wood. It's top fish. He's gone and got it and hand-delivered it. We weren't in the studio when he did it, so we got it sent over to the house. I love that man," he said.

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