Kaiterra Laser Egg+ CO2 air quality monitor.. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Sep 23 : Beijing-based healthcare firm Kaiterra, on Monday launched Laser Egg+ CO2 air quality monitor in India for Rs 16,995.

This is the first indoor air quality monitor for homes from Kaiterra to measure CO2, in addition to four other key pollutant indicators - PM2.5, air quality index, temperature and humidity.

"The addition of the Laser Egg+ CO2 to our dynamic product portfolio brings CO2 monitoring to consumers' fingertips. Most consumers do not realise that moderate levels of CO2 commonly found in their home can lead to a cumulative negative impact on health and wellbeing," Liam Bates, CEO and Co-founder of Kaiterra said in a statement.

The Laser Egg+ CO2 is powered by sensors and a cloud-based calibration which aims to provide accurate, real-time readings from reference-grade monitors stationed across the globe.

Like its predecessors, Laser Egg+ CO2 can be monitored from a mobile device via the Kaiterra App. The app provides consumers with access to trends and real-time monitoring, as well as the ability to set alerts when air exceeds the pre-selected level.

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