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September 30 : The time when good beats evil has finally come and Navratri , Durga Puja and Dussehra celebrations have started off in full fervour. Navrati 2019 is a festival of nine nights that involve praising and worshipping Durga Maa, dancing to the Garba beats, and also enjoying various Navrati rituals and traditions. Amongst this, colours holds a special significance during each of the nine nights. If the right colours are worn on the right days, that will help devotees to get the blessings of Durga Devi. Let’s us have a detailed understanding on which colour to wear on each day and also their significance.

On Day 1 of Navratri, the colour Orange is given most significance. The first day starts off with praying to Goddess Shailaputra and hence the Shailaputra Pooja will be conducted. Orange indicates enthusiasm and happiness.

On Day 2 of Navratri, the colour White is given most significance. The second day is specially dedicated to Goddess Brahmacharini- which is the unmarried form of Goddess Parvati. After many years of prayers, and a pure life of devotion to Lord Shiva, she became his wife. White indicates harmony, purity and peace.

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On Day 3 of Navratri, the colour Red should be worn. On this day, the Goddess Chandraghanta will be worshipped to evade all sorrows, sins and other mental tribulations from one’s life. She is known to be brave power who is always ready to fight against demons. The colour red signifies fearlessness, bravery, and beauty.

On Day 4 of Navratri, the colour Royal Blue should be worn. On the fourth day, Goddess Kushmanda is given importance and she is said to bless Mother Earth with good health. Hence royal blue signifies the power of positive strength, power and wealth.

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On Day 5 of Navratri, the colour Yellow should be worn. The day will be dedicated to Skandamata Devi – the one who purifies the devotee with her spiritual power. The yellow denotes happiness, purity, power and a good life.

On Day 6 of Navratri, the colour Green should be worn as it denotes the beginning of good life and improvement in our present life. The Goddess Katyayini is worshipped and she is known for her courage. The festival of Durga Puja also begins on this day- October 6, 2019 and will go on for the 3 days

On Day 7 of Navratri, only Grey coloured sarees, kurtas or lehengas should be worn. This colour indicates the transformation phase of a person. In this day, the most fiercest of the powers will take form and she is known as Goddess Kalaratri.

On Day 8 of Navratri, Purple is the one colour that should be worn. On this day people worship Goddess Mahagauri, in order to be at peace and also because she has the power to make desires come true.. The colour purple on this day signifies peace and tranquillity.;

On Day 9 of Navratri, which is the last day of Navratri, the Peacock Green colour should be worn. On this day, Siddhidaatri Devi will bless her devotees with intellect. The peacock green colour indicates peace and intelligence.

Finally after the nine days, the tenth day is called as Dussehra or Vijayadashami which falls on October 8, 2019. On this day, it is believed that evil was conquered and out to compete stop by good powers. It is also called as Dasara.

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