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October 10 : You must have heard terms like mood disorders, depression, the happiness quotient and even more. What do these stand for? Today, on October 10, 2019, as the world celebrates World Mental Illness Day, it would be a wise idea- to love the mind and let it live in peace. There have been thousands of researches that have been conducted over the years with regard to this subject, yet people fail to embrace this topic with grace and dignity.

People around the world are often treated as nuisances and pulled away from the main stream of living in a society. This needs to stop and can be done so, only if we educate ourselves. Often, people who are ill may not be able to express the uneasiness they feel inside. But we as fellow human beings, need to figure that out and help them get back to normal.

On this day, take time to read a collection of researches that we collected, as that would give you an insight of what actually goes on in our brains, also what could possibly cure our mental health illnesses.

How can a touch of humour heal your inner mind?

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Humor has a certain ability to temporarily displace stressful or worrisome thoughts that may be bothering you. Read More

Bollywood Celeb Deepika Padukone shares her personal experiences on mental illness

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Actress Deepika Padukone

Bollywood star Deepika Padukone, who has openly spoken about her battle with depression at the peak of her career, is happy that a conversation on mental health has opened up Read More

How social media can cause anxiety, FOMO, & Depression?

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Social networking on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hike and many more could be fun. But if you tend to get depressed or lonely, then it is time to get healed from within Read More

Green spaces could be your pathway to better mental health

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Green space in childhood may improve mental health in adults

Latest Research reveals that children who grew up with greener surroundings have atleast fifty-five percent decreased risks of developing various mental disorders later in life. Read More

Sleep plays a pivotal role in good mental health

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Insufficient sleep is associated with a wide range of mental health issues such as anxiety, self-harm and suicide ideation among students and athletes, according to a study. Read More

Food Insecurity could be another reason, learn more

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While people were initially worried about how lack of food could affect their physical well being, researchers have now found out that feelings of food insecurity could take a toll on their mental health too Read More

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