Doha: Two oil tankers were hit in a suspected attack in the Gulf of Oman and all crew members onborad were evacuated, on June 13, 2019. The tankers were struck in the same area where the US accused Iran of using naval mines to sabotage four other oil. Image Source: IANS News

New Delhi, Oct 11 : International oil prices surged over 2 per cent after Iran claimed that its oil tankers had been struck with missiles off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

The benchmark Brent Crude jumped as much as $60.65 per barrel from its previous close of $59.10 a barrel but cooled subsequently to $60.01 at the time of filing this report.

Last month, a major missile and drone attack on Saudi Arabian oil fields caused the prices to surge as much as $71 in the following day. Saudi Arabia had said that the damage to the two oil facilities was "unquestionably sponsored by Iran".

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