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October 19 : You keep postponing the idea of giving a new look to your home till Diwali comes. So it’s that time of the year, when your home needs a fresh look. It’s amazing how small accessories can rev up your home. Here are some accessories that can pull together your room like a pro.

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Ceiling Lamp

The light from a bare bulb goes out in all directions and looking at a bulb directly can be uncomfortable. This Diwali, consider buying a few lampshades for your home. Go for this three light industrial looking pendant. It’s classy and has an antique industrial look.Click here

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Zeff Furnishing Polyester Anti Slip Shaggy Fluffy Fur Rugs

it's time to outfit your living room with the perfect rug. Make sure that the rug is the right size for your room. Choose a neutral colour or a soft colour that will blend with your couch and other accessories. It’s very important that the rug feels good underfoot. And finally, keep in mind the cleaning and maintenance of the rug you are choosing.Click here

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Cotton Designer Decorative Throw Pillow Covers/Cushion Covers

Cushions add a sophisticated touch to any room and should exude comfort and style. Choose the cushion covers that spice up the look of your room. You can opt for a colour like blue or grey that will gel well with a grey, blue or white couch and rug. The bold patterns will lighten up the room.Click here

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These transparent cylinder vases will give a warm Diwali touch

These transparent cylinder vases will give a warm Diwali touch. They can be placed in a corner table. Decorate them with real or artificial flowers, fairy lights and candles.Click here

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Richly Scented Lighthaus Candles

Decorate your home with candles to instantly add a mystic look and make the ambience serene. Candles are ideal to decorate the coffee table. Mix and match with some books, a little flower pot and maybe a dry pinecone.Click here

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Floral Design Wall Mirror

Adding a big mirror on one of the rectangular walls will give a decorative touch to the interior. It also makes a space feel larger and brighter.Click here

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Nurturing Green Chamaedorea Palm Plant

Plants purify the air. So decorating the living room with indoor plants gives a cool and pleasant feel to the ambience. Indoor plants can live with minimal or no sunlight, so you can place this indoor plant in one of the corners.Click here

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Nurturing Green Lucky Bamboo 3 Layer Indoor Plant

Small plants can be placed on the centre table or on side tables. You can also use hanging planters to decorate your balcony. Your creativity with plants can go to any limit.Click here

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