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Aries: There is a huge focus on your relationships during this week. The Sun is staying in this sector accompanied by Mars. This is sensitive for your personal as well as professional relationships. See More

Taurus: Your workplace will become highly competitive and that itself can bring some work stress. Try to prioritize your work and don’t get defocussed. See More

Gemini: Mars will be set all alone in triggering your creative energies. Earlier, it was with the Sun and there was a lot of activity with children and young groups. They will be gathering your attention during this week also. See More

Cancer: There are some important events at home and you will have to take care of a lot of matters at home. This is not an easy plight, but better than the last week. See More

Leo: Your multitasking abilities will get tested during this week as Mars is alone controlling your third house. So, there will be a lot of work with your communication and analytical skills. See More

Virgo: You were having some financial issues during the last week; those issues will get milder during this week as the Sun leaves the house for finances. However, the challenges are still there in a lesser mode during this week as well. See More

Libra: You will be much active and more settled down during this week. Until the last week, you had some physical and emotional issues, but during this week, they will subside a little bit. However, this is not going to stop for some more days, so try to take some rest and plan for your personal life. See More

Scorpio: You were going through some emotional puzzles during the last week, but during this week, they will subside a little bit, don’t expect a full settlement. Mars is influencing the twelfth house of emotional hurdles and expenses, so you will be going through these things for the next few days as well. See More

Sagittarius: There was some confusion or hard work regarding your long term plans. During this week, Mars will be guiding you through this week and major focus will be your hopes and wishes. You will try to improve your team relationships. See More

Capricorn: You will get a lot of energy during this week and that will direct you in a proper mode at work. There will be some opportunities coming up, but they won’t be that easy though. You will have some issues regarding your career, but you will be able to manage it. See More

Aquarius: There will be enough discussions regarding foreign travel and collaborations during this week. You had some issues connected with that and now from this week onwards, you will be moving forward. This will add more responsibilities. See More

Pisces: The Sun and Mars were impacting your finances and that was making things very complicated. During this week, gains and expenses will come and it will be a little hard to control your expenses, but better than last week. So, keep a good plan for your finances, otherwise, there will be challenges in and off. See More

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