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New Delhi, Oct 20 : In the 'murder and suicide' case of a 25-year guest lecturer of St Stephen's College of Delhi and his mother, the Delhi Police claimed to have been informed by the people close to the mother-son duo that the son had tried to 'convince' mother to commit suicide just five days ago.

When Alan Stanley's mother Lissy refused to listen to him and commit suicide, he killed her, as per the primary investigation. Stanley had suicidal tendencies and had tried to commit suicide earlier too. They belonged to Kottayam of Kerala.

"Statements by many neighbours and some of Stanley's friends have hinted that Alan had suicidal tendencies and was even trying to 'convince' his mother to give up her life," a policemen involved in the investigation told IANS.

According to the source, Alan's mother Lissy had married twice and had another son from her first marriage. After the death of her first husband, she remarried in 2018. Her second husband too died some time ago.

The police told IANS, the duo, on bail, was accused in the case of abetment of suicide of Lissy's second husband.

"The police had received information about a body on a rail track, close to platform No 3 of Sarai Rohilla station, on Saturday. The body was found in two parts. The police recovered mobile phone, some documents and driving licence, which revealed that it was a body of Alan Stanley," a Delhi Police officer had told IANS.

Stanley, an ad-hoc faculty of philosophy at St Stephen's College, was pursuing PhD from IIT-Delhi. He had been living in Delhi for one-and-a-half years and was joined by his mother only seven months ago.

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