Flower-like rangoli design is believed to unite the soul with a divine force. Image Source: Prokerala

October 21 : Diwali is not just a festival of lights. Rangoli plays an integral part to brighten up your house. Rangolis are created mainly at the entrance of the house to welcome goddess Lakshmi and to bring luck and prosperity to your home. Our spiritual gurus believe that rangolis are a science of creating energy. The patterns, symbols, lines and colours, all play important roles. So you see, rangolis mean more than they meet the eye. To make your home festive ready, here are some of the easiest and colourful rangoli designs to add colour and vibrancy to the ambience. You can use coloured rangoli powders, ground rice powder, dry flour, different spices, brick powder, flowers and diyas to create beautiful rangoli designs.

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Many people make Lord Ganesh’s image on their rangoli as he brings prosperity and good luck. Rangoli with Lord Ganesh in the centre surrounded by a flurry of colours should be made at the entrance of your house.

Each design and pattern used in creating a rangoli has deep implications and these designs have been passed from one generation to the next, which kept this art form alive. Rangolis with different flowers not only add a pop of colour and fragrance to your Diwali decorations but is also eco-friendly.

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Rangoli designs are usually taken from nature—peacocks, swans, flowers, trees, leaves are popular. A peacock flaunts its grandeur, symbolizing beauty.

If you are not too good at creating designs, then go for this simple design. Rangoli designs are important to channelize energy level. Though a round design channelizes less energy, the swastika symbol is very auspicious and easy to create.

This is a sunshine pattern. This flower-like symbol is believed to unite the soul with a divine force.

The intricate and scrolling paisleys represent fertility and luck. Add the diyas to brighten up the design.

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Geometrical patterns are easy to create but have great significance. When you look at a geometric pattern in a rangoli, it manifests into vibrations inside your mind and calms the mind. These patterns have a soothing effect.

Nature adorning your house. These leaves and flower design is for the nature lovers, symbolising joy and happiness. The sharp edges channelise high level of energy.

The beautiful flower designs symbolise grace, beauty and purity. It creates a pleasing and balanced composition.

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